Welcome to ACV Meetup
Welcome to ACV Meetup

Welcome to ACV Meetup

What is ACV?
This is a monthly online event in which applied computer vision problems are presented and discussed.
What we're interested in
  • Real-world computer vision challenges
  • Where inference time, simplicity, explainability and maintenance do matter
  • And where input data is typically not perfect
What does a typical presentation look like?
The presentation template is the following:
  • 30 minutes presentation of the problem, the data, the current solution, and ideas to improve it
  • 30 minutes Q&A and brainstorm on open challenges
Note that presenters do not have to present a solution to their challenge. The full session can also be used for brainstorming purposes too.
Talks are recorded and stored in the sessions section.
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Who is it for?
Researchers, startup founders, indie hackers, freelancers, students, employees, working on applied computer vision problems and interested in sharing challenges and ideas.
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How to join?
Want to present at ACV? Or simply attend? Click on the link below :)
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Next session ”Deep Learning for Image-based 6D Object Pose Estimation” by Mathieu Salzmann, EPFL
12.05.2022, 5PM CET
In this talk, I will present our recent progress on estimating the relative 3D rotation and 3D translation of an object with respect to the camera from an input image. The talk will focus on deep learning approaches to doing so, and will touch upon the problems of generalizing to real images when only synthetic data is available for training, and of generalizing to previously-unseen objects. This work will be introduced in the context of general household objects, as well as for the application of space debris capture.
Watch all the talks on our YouTube channel.


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